Wall Plaque


Gift Certificate

Marry your pet online and receive an official certificate of your happy day.*


We'd like a simple wedding.

In addition to the Simple wedding, we'll send you a 'I married my pet' t-shirt so you can show the whole world just how much you cherish your pet.*


We'd like a bigger wedding.

My, what a lucky spoilt pet yours is. You'll be married online, get an 'I married my pet' t-shirt, and as well as the certificate, you'll receive a hand embroidered, personalised wall plaque to always remind you of your special day.* **


We'd like the biggest wedding.

* Includes postage & packing

How do you wish to wed? Do you simply want to officially be a couple, or do you want the brashest, most vulgar wedding possible?


If none of these are lavish enough then don't hesitate to contact. We can cater to the poshest of pooches.

Isn't it time your friend married their pet?

gift certificate


I'm a super-dooper friend and I'd like to buy a wedding gift certificate for someone special.

Click on the wedding package you'd like to give.

simple gift wedding
big gift wedding
biggest gift wedding


* €5 will be added to the cost of a gift wedding to cover additional postage and printing costs.

** Decide where you would like the gift certificate sent, and enter the relevant details in the Paypal section under shipping address. We can either send the certificate to you, or send it to your friend directly.