How to get hitched:
  1. Propose to your pet
  2. Plan your day*
  3. Apply and get married
  4. Receive your certificate.
Congratulations! You're now officially stuck with one another.
N.B. Once you've filled in the form and paid, you'll have an online ceremony. A week or so later you'll receive your wedding certificate by post.

* Plan your day
Think about this as if you're marrying a human, but with only the good bits.
As well as the online ceremony, why not also have a party!
  • Decide on a date. Invite friends. Demand gifts.
  • What about the ceremony? Will it be you and pet behind your laptop, or do you want your friends over, and all your pet’s friends too?
  • Oh and maybe you should inform your (human) spouse, if you already have one.
  • That’s probably it. When you’re ready then hit the ‘Marry me now’ button. Enjoy.
Now is probably the time to play Paradise by the dashboard light at full volume, and do a dance around the kitchen with your pet.

N.B. No. Your pet doesn’t want to wear a tux, truly.

Should you run for the chapel or just run and hide?...Get your marriage compatibility report here.
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