Marco and Thomas (female) met in Hoorn, North Holland. Marco took her home on the next train to Amsterdam and they've never looked back. Thomas is clearly a good catch.
She shits during dinner, hates women, and is anorexic if she doesn’t get enough attention.
Marco just loves her cheery 'good morning' calls.
Thomas (13), ginger, a bitch in more ways than one. Marco (36), plays nasty tricks with the cat biscuits. "I thought you'd never ask."
"I'm an easygoing kind of cat." "She'd have left if I didn't commit." "How many partners have you had Thomas?"
"Does it count if the bride walks off halfway through?" "How did you talk me into this?" "Oh go on then!"
"Can't you just tell how much she loves me." "Gosh, the postman. Could that be for me?" "Oh my god, it's our wedding certificate, letter and t-shirt!"
"Hey Thomas, we're officially
a couple!"
"Am I showing off my devotion to my pet or just my biceps?" "Leave me and I'll take half the house."
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