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Regina and Bambam : 10/24/03 Harry and Nosey Parker The Imperial Wizard : 10/23/03 Barbarella and Lugosi & Spider : 01/09/04
He was so good at opening cupboards, I just couldn't refuse him. She's the best brood bitch in the world. Being twins, I do not favour one over the other, so I married both my tabby boys. I love them to bits.
Koko and Kali : 10/29/03 Carolyn and Oliver: 01/29/04 Luca and Dolph : 10/20/03
She's just so warm and snuggly and she vibrates when she's happy! Oliver is my best friend, and savior. WIthout him, I wouldn't believe in love. We decided to marry after we both lost weight on the Atkins diet.
Po and Snoetje : 06/20/04 Dolly the Pug and Sophie : 07/31/04 Dorette and Leo : 10/26/04
Leo is a great dog and friend. We have lots of fun together. I love and respect him very much.
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