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Did your eyes meet across a crowded a pet shop, or down a dingy alley? Does he delight you daily, or do you long to return him to the shelter? Perhaps you prefer your best friend's pet? Post your story here.

* Stories will not be edited unless too long, boring or rude to go online.


Francine & Colby

"The first time I saw Colby...was actually at an Eat 'n' Park, I met one of my friends there and she said " Hey, I found these 2 kittens outside my home...I know you love animals so I wondering if you wanted them?" So then about a week later I went to her house to pick up "Tyson" and "Belle" since she had them for about 2 weeks had already named them. They were about 2 months old.
I right away when to pick up "Tyson" and held him and my arms and I knew at that very moment that this cat was going to have my heart. After I took the kittens home, I changed their names. I didn't think their names suited them very well. So "Tyson" became Colby and "Belle" became Ellie. lol. I love ellie all the same but me and colby seem to have this connection.
Colby is a year old now, but I'm closer to him than any other person on earth. He is everything I ever wanted...Hes the sweetest little thing. He sleeps with me almost every night and lies all strecthed out right on top of my stomach. He is always around to greet me when I get home with the cutest little meow. And whenever i'm in the bathroom, every single time. He's tries to fit his face in between the door and the floor and puts his hand under neath it and pulls out the carpet in front of the sink.
One thing I hate to have in the bugs..anything crawling or flying around drives me crazy...and my little colby is the same way. he hates to see bugs around and he's always trying to catch them for me and whenever one is around he cant get he gets my attention to help him out.
Lol...He hates them as much as i do. None of my other 3 cats are obsessed with catching bugs like he is!
He is my little soul mate, I tell him everything. I don't care if hes not a human being or not.
Colby is the best friend I've ever had and he will always have my heart.



Lucifer & Judas

"I've been with Judas for a while now, and everyone usually laughs and 'aws' when I introduce him formally as my "Lifepartner." But I love him, way, way more than any human relationships I have. (Though Brent is a close second in my heart.) He's always been there for me, even when I was fat. He didn't call me lard loaf like Lindsay (the fatcist), and at the end of the day, he still slept under my butt despite the added poundage. I don't care what you say. That, is love. He's the only thing I miss while I'm on tour, and the only one I'm really faithful to. (Bijou running a close second, but then again I have proved that I can train Judas, it follows that someone should be able to train me.) And when I come home to LA, he doesn't care how I smell. Hell our bond is so deep, that we're even starting to look and act like each other! I'd be lost without him. xox."


Tep & Mr Jingles

"my love story is the best. see i met my pet monkey when i went to africa. that is where i live now you see. and it was love at first sight! i named him mr jingles you know like that mousie off of the green mile. any who, so we met and then i realized i couldnt live without my shnuckums. mr jingles tells me everything we have good communication, and he wants to marry me he preposed to me and i said YES! he is just my best friend in the world.


Terry and Lucy

"Question: I have had my Lucy(shes a yellow lab) for 3 years. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. We love going for long walks and fetching the bone. I was married until Lucy came along. My wife met my needs, but she was nothing compared to my little Lucy."


Margaret and Seth

" I am so in love with my 5 year old bearded dragon-Seth. When I first layed eyes upon him in the petsmart, I knew! He was the one for me! I just recently divorced - and he always had an open ear when I really needed to talk. He's been with me ever since he was just a wee lad. I hate crickets but ever since his little episode I had to, so I said to myself I'll do it for the one I love! His big eyes look up at me, I just couldn't wait to marry him. I love him so much, couldn't live my live without him. I love him! "


Cindy and Lola

" When I first saw Lola, she was just a fluffy bundle of fuzz. She was in a pet shop packed in a cage with so many other cats. She was so tiny. I think she may have been taken from her mother too soon. She just wouldn't stop mewing and I couldn't help but pick her up. Her sweet little eyes just drew me in and that was all it took. Now Lola is 4 years old and she's the best friend I could ever have. She's always there to greet me at the door when I get home from work, and if I hit the snooze too many times in the morning she's by my side meowing in my ear telling me it's time to wake up. She meows so much that at times it seems like we're carrying on full conversations. I talk to her and she answers me and vice versa. She always flops over for a belly rub and scoots herself across the floor. It's the cutest thing in the world to me. I love her more than anything. She is my world. "


Cyndi and Boris

" Hello,

My name is Cyndi, and I am hopelessly in love with my African Grey Parrot, Boris.

I met him two and a half-years ago, at a bird faire in St. Petersburg Florida, where he was being sold as a "bappy" (baby bird.) It was love at first sight! There he was, in all his feathered glory, anxiously looking up at me, as if to say, "Please take me home." His pretty black eyes sparkled and my heart melted. I gently picked him up, and held him to my chest. He made a tiny little "mewling" sound and rested his little feathery head against my neck. I turned into butter...

I knew then and there that I must have him! I had to walk away to make sure I had my credit card with me, so I placed him back into his brooder. When I returned, he immediately started to cry and rock back and forth, looking directly into my eyes. I took him home with me, fed him his two feedings of baby bird food, and he and I bonded.

Two and a half years later, I still look into his pretty eyes, which are now a pretty shade of lemon-yellow, and I still see the love in his eyes. He's my best friend; always there when I am feeling blue, and his silly antics keep me laughing constantly. I love my Boris, and wouldn't trade him for the WORLD!

Cyndi "


Jacob and Sally McMan

       " I went to Petco around a year ago when I was looking through the hamster section. I've always wanted a hamster, I didn't know I'd be finding the love of my life. Jacob was in the wheel, working out. He's a strong little guy; very buff and has a great body. I'd given up on men. No one ever loved me! And I loved so much! But no man ever said he loved me or cared for me or told me I was amazing. He could, he just didn't! So when I gave up on men, I became lonely and bought Jacob. Jacob is a grey hamster. He is very fit, and works the wheel all the time. We have fallen in love and I am about to propose soon. He has given me love no man could ever give! I know he can't say it, but I know he wants to, he thinks I'm beautiful and amazing! He loves me, and boy do I love him! "


Joe and Caleb

       " Joe and I had been in love for two years, and had always wanted to be more than just pet and owner. This website has changed our lives. Our marriage was beautiful and our marriage certificate sits above our headboard. Joe was left to me after my boyfriend savagely broke my heart. As it turns out, Joe was supposed to be mine my entire life. I love everything about him. From the way his little beak pulls at his turquoise feathers of silk, to the way he wakes me up in the morning with golden notes; Joe is everything I've ever wanted in a spouse. "


Jessica and Darius

Your website has made me the happiest I could ever be, with my husband, Darius. This is our story:

       " It seems as if Darius was meant to be mine. His furry little cheeks and buck teeth made my heart squirm with happiness, and I could tell he was upset when I dated that hideous boyfriend of mine. One day, his little pawed hands touched my keyboard, and I saw your website. It made me feel warm inside, and I could feel happiness drop in tendrils in my body. Our marriage was beautiful and lovely, and my heart ached with passion. I could see it in his eyes, and my disgusting boyfriend was somebody that was just a memory. My dream was right before my eyes, and the bright eyes of my lovely, my beautiful Darius was made apparent. In the morning the first sight I see beside me is his soft, tan, wonderfully silky fur. It's all I ever dreamed of, and Darius welcomes your website as a new addition to our expanding family, for because of you, we are truly happy. Thank you, Marry your pet! Love, Jessica and Darius "


Joe Seph and Calefur the cat

       " Me and my calico cat Calefur have been together through thick and then for our whole lives. I married him in the backyard under his favorite orange tree where he shits, and our Honeymoon was at Petsmart. It was the most wonderful day of my life. I will never forget it. We have been going through some rough times this year, though. After I was done fixing his favorite meal of mushy fish shit, I walked into my bedroom and saw him humping my favorite pillow of Michael Jackson. We had a long talk and now I know that he loves me more than pillows. Today is our anniversary, and he gave me a dead bird as a present. He's the studliest cat ever. I LOVE MY CAT CALEFUR. GO CATS. MARRY ALL YOUR PETS IT'S WORTH IT. "


Tam and Henry (well loved Stuffie)

      "Henry and I are a perfect match; we've been everywhere together and are very protective of each other. He went with me to the hospital when I was two; I had fallen out of my crib and needed stitches. Henry sat on my stomach while the doctor put in the stitches. The nurses put a peripheral vision "blinder" sort of thing over my face so I wouldn't see the needle and panic, but I could see my parents and Henry through the opening. Being a two year old in pain (and panicked already), I was screaming and crying...but the nurses kept distracting me by saying, "Look, there's your Dad and Mom, they're right here with you...and there's Henry sitting on your tummy! He's here watching you!" It's actually one of my earliest memories if not ‘the’ earliest.

      In more recent years, throughout my college years and now, if there's a fire alarm and I needed to leave the dorm or need to leave the apartment, Henry goes with me. Over the years he's been well-loved; his seams are split and his neck is floppy; I have to be very careful with him when I move him, and support his neck in general. Now he sleeps sitting behind my pillow, propped against my stuffie tiger, so I won't roll over and crush Henry in the middle of the night. I proposed to him the other night while taking down the blankets before bed: "Henry, good news, we can get married! Would you marry me?" Of course he didn't say anything, but I think his button-eyes had a gleam in them. ;)"


Barbarella, Spider & Lugosi

       "We met in March 2000 at the local RSPCA. When I saw them in this little cage, I knew instantly that these two would come home with me. It was love at first sight - and their rumbling motorbike purrs told me that this feeling was mutual. We have happily lived together since then and getting married is simply saying that it's "official" now. Every night I get home from work their little faces show up expectantly as soon as I open the door and this is something that lightens my day so much, no human could ever do that. I simply love them to bits."


Bill and Timmy

Bill and Timmy have been together for years. Bill is 35. He's never been one for conversation or TV and spends a lot of time walking in the hills by his house. One day eight years ago when he was out walking he came across a tiny puppy, starving and almost dead from exposure. Bill took Timmy home and nursed him back to health, getting up every two hours during the night to give him food. They've been happy together ever since. Bill says:

       "I've pretty much given up on women, or they've given up on me. But with Timmy it's different. We've been together almost since he was born and right from the start we just clicked. Timmy is a bit of a mongrel, like me. We both like walking and we like the same foods. He even likes a beer on a hot day. We don't talk or do much, just walk in silence. Mostly we just seem to know how the other's feeling. Every day for the last seven years he's met me from work. Six o'clock on the dot. I don't know how he knows the time, he just does. For me there's no better partner. I know this like I know the hills by my house. Everyone at work was always teasing me that it was time I got married, then one said "he'd have more luck with his dog." And I thought, yep, he's got a point there. And that's how I decided to marry Tims. He's my number one buddy for life."


Agnes and Priscilla

Agnes is now 37. But until recently she didn't have a happy life. She married young to escape her bullying father, only to discover she had a worse tempered husband. Everything was fine for a few years but then Geoff's drinking began. Agnes thought she must have done something wrong and that she had failed her husband. Then one day Geoff lost his job and his drinking increased. Agnes thought everything would change when she became pregnant. But she lost the baby when Geoff, drunk, beat her up. After that she often thought of running away, but was too scared.

       A year later, passing a pet shop, Agnes saw a parrot. She went in for a closer look and it made her laugh and forget her worries for a moment.   In a rare moment of self-indulgence, she decided to buy the parrot. She called her Priscilla.

       Priscilla was a revelation. It was lovely to have some company and someone to take care of. Within no time at all Agnes found she was much happier. Having Priscilla encouraged her to be nicer to herself. But Geoff didn't like her new-found confidence. He also didn't like the time she spent with Priscilla. One night he flew into a rage when Agnes was cleaning out the cage.   He beat her almost to death until Priscilla flew out and began pecking him. Geoff swore he would kill the bird. Agnes was terrified, but fortunately he slipped and knocked himself out. She finally found the courage to throw him out. Two months later he died during a drinking binge.

       Since that night the two have been inseparable. Agnes is certain she never wants a man in her life again. She decided to marry Priscilla as a way of showing her gratitude for saving her life. They are both very happy. Priscilla likes to sit on her shoulder and tease her as she does the housework. Agnes likes to sing to her and teach her naughty words, and they both like watching bird programmes on the TV.

       Agnes said: "Finding Priscilla gave me my life back. Until then I was like a stupid little mouse. I found the courage to stand up for myself and began to do things just for me. I know that some people would think that it was crazy to marry a parrot. But I don't think it's any crazier than marrying a man. Priscilla is my friend and loyal companion. She saved my life and now I want nothing more than to make her feel happy for the rest of hers."  


June and Wilfred.

June is 42 and a writer so spends lots of time working from home. She found Wilfred in a animal shelter 2 years ago.

June says:

            "There's no special story about Wilfred and I. We haven't been together since he was born and he hasn't performed any miracles in my life. It's just that we're very comfortable together. Two years ago I decided I wanted some company. I do have the odd boyfriend, but I'm too much of a workaholic for them to stick around. At first I wanted a kitten, but when I thought about it, it seemed a lot of work. I wanted a nice lazy cat that didn't need housetraining and wouldn't constantly need attention, I guess I found my perfect partner in Wilfred. He's an oldish cat, quite lazy and set in his ways. He is affectionate and likes to curl up on my lap, but he's also very independent and we don't cramp each others style. I guess we're quite similar really, so together we can just be ourselves. Neither of us is 16 anymore. We like our food and home comforts, and snuggling up in front of the fire. It seemed like a fun idea to marry Wilfred but it's actually very sensible. I don't think either of us has ever been so content.


Gloria and Tigger.

”I'd smoked for years and had no desire to stop. About 2 years ago, one of my four cats, Lizzie, had developed cancer because she'd never been fixed. She didn't get fixed because I never had the money (because I smoked). So I ended up having to put her down. I was so heartbroken about having to put my little sweetheart to sleep that I vowed I was going to quit that, suddenly, I no longer had any desire to do.

About a year later, another of my cats started getting sick with some sort of upper respiratory infection. Again, I couldn't afford to bring him to the vet because of the filthy habit I was having such a hard time letting go of. I was going to be darned if I was going to lose another cat that I loved so much without a fight. I quit one year and one day after having to put down Lizzie.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save Rhett with the upper respiratory infection and Cherie who had developed the same condition Lizzie had.

I just mourned the 1st year's passing of Rhett 2 weeks ago, and Cherie's passing will be marked in 2 months. While, I wish I could have saved all three of them, wanting to save them made me take a hard look at my life and stop being selfish.

Since Cherie's passing, I was able to rescue a 6-month old kitten from a neighbor who was going to let him run wild because he couldn't take care of him.

It was a rocky start, but we're love each other so much now. He has saved my heart.“